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Our special issue on Kamau Brathwaite is here! Please see below for JWIL Vol. 30 No. 2, guest edited by Kelly Baker Josephs. Happy reading!

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JWIL Vol 30 No 2 April 2022
Cover art by: Kraig Yearwood, "Gold Coast", 21 x 27 inches, mixed media on sequined luxury gift paper: acrylics, graphite, magazine cutouts and embossed metallic gold paper, 2021

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Kim Evelyn’s Twitter Residency on Teaching Caribbean Literature (November 14-21, 2022)

Join us from November 14-21, 2022 when Kim Evelyn will share reflections on teaching Caribbean Literature at @jwilonline. In an increasingly distracting world pulling our students’ attention in different directions, it can feel like a struggle to keep students engaged in the close reading work of literary studies and foster their appreciation for literary texts. Fortunately, the world of Caribbean literature and cultural studies is rich with compelling texts, controversial ideas, radical... Read more

Bedour Alagraa’s Twitter Residency on the role of the essay in Caribbean intellectual tradition (Oct 3-Oct 10, 2022)

Join us from Oct 3 to Oct 10, 2022 for another JWIL Twitter residency. Bedour Alagraa (@balagonline) will take over our Twitter feed (@jwilonline) with a focus on the essay as a crucial poetic and political expressive medium in many different Caribbean intellectual traditions. As part of her residency, Dr. Alagraa will explore important essays by Caribbean writers including Derek Walcott, Kamau Brathwaite, Sylvia Wynter, among others. Dr. Bedour Alagraa is Assistant Professor of Political... Read more

Call for Papers: Special JWIL November 2023 Issue on Literature, Art, and Environmental Activism

Call for Papers: Special JWIL November 2023 Issue on Literature, Art, and Environmental Activism Writers, filmmakers, musicians, and other arts performers have taken a leading role in protesting governmental failure and corporate responsibility for environmental destruction and disaster across the Caribbean. In the 2000s, Caribbean writers, filmmakers, visual and other artists have spoken truth to power in Puerto Rico and Dominica after the tragedy of Hurricane Maria, in the struggle to... Read more

Nalini Mohabir’s Twitter Residency on the work of Frank Birbalsingh (Aug 29-Sept 5, 2022)

Join us from August 29 to Sept 5 for JWIL's August Twitter residency. Nalini Mohabir (@BrownGirlEnvy) will be sharing about the life and pioneering work of Frank Birbalsingh. Frank Birbalsingh is Professor Emeritus at York University in Canada. He is the author of 15 books, including seminal works such as Passion and Exile, Indian-Caribbean Test Cricketers and the Quest for Identity, Indo-Caribbean Resistance, and Indenture and Exile. Birbalsingh was part of a generation of Caribbean literary... Read more

Call for Papers: Special JWIL April 2023 Issue on Pamela Mordecai

Call for Papers: Special Issue of the Journal of West Indian Literature on the work of Pamela Mordecai This special issue of the Journal of West Indian Literature seeks papers and reflections on the work of Pamela Mordecai. For over four decades now, Mordecai has been producing diverse literary works. She has published poetry, short stories, plays, textbooks, and other forms of writing, including a novel and a short-story collection. In addition to being one of the women writers who led the... Read more

Faizal Deen’s Twitter residency on the legacies of George Lamming (July 25-Aug 1, 2022)

From July 25 to Emancipation Day, August 1, 2022, JWIL will be hosting a Twitter residency which will focus on the life and the enduring work of George Lamming (1927–2022). In June of 2021, JWIL (@jwilonline) hosted a Twitter residency curated by Faizal Deen (@faizalbynight) to mark Lamming's 94th birthday. This year, Faizal curates another residency in the wake of Lamming's passing. He will share tweets from last year's residency as well as bring together and reflect on the numerous tributes... Read more

JWIL pays tribute to George Lamming (June 8, 1927-June 4, 2022)

JWIL pays tribute to Caribbean literary luminary George Lamming, who passed away on June 4, 2022 at the age of 94. A towering figure in Caribbeana, Lamming was one of the pillars of a foundational period of our literature, part of the Windrush generation. Creative writer, thinker, scholar, teacher, journalist, he brought all his gifts to bear on the weighty ruminations on Caribbean societies and the search for solutions for our development. Nadi Edwards notes that Lamming  “was a brilliant... Read more

Jarrel De Matas’ Twitter residency on Caribbean sf (June 6-13, 2022)

Join us from June 6-13, 2022 when Jarrel De Matas will be taking over our Twitter feed. Jarrel will be tweeting about our Caribbean sf tradition (science fiction/speculative fiction/fantasy/folklore).  His Twitter residency will highlight some of the creative and intellectual ancestors of Caribbean sf. Over the week, he will shine light on writers such as Edgar Mittelholzer, Wilson Harris, Kamau Brathwaite, Derek Walcott, Suzanne Césaire, Sylvia Wynter, and Curdella Forbes - who he considers... Read more

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