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Check back soon for a call for papers for the JWIL November 2018 special issue on Marlon James. In the meantime, our brand new issue November 2017 has been released! 

The Journal of West Indian Literature (JWIL) November 2017 issue is on the topic, “Trans-Media: Anglophone Caribbean Literature and Electronic Mass Media.”

Radio, television, and the internet have served, and continue to serve, as a means of transmitting literature. For many years now, electronic audio and audio-visual mass media platforms have helped disseminate literature to diverse audiences and in varied forms – the radio drama, the literary radio program, etc. In turn, literature as text, as the written word, has long provided substantive broadcast content for these various electronic media, extending and enhancing their perception as modern and post-modern transmitters of mass-market literary culture. In the context of Anglophone Caribbean literature, middle-brow and popular, early and mid 20th century programs in the region, as varied as the BBC “Caribbean Voices” radio broadcasts, Alfred Pragnell’s readings of short-stories by Jeannette Layne-Clarke and Timothy Callendar on Barbados Rediffusion, and Louise Bennett-Coverley’s presentation of Jamaican folklore on the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation’s children’s television show, “Ring Ding,” have linked together text and electronic media. This issue’s papers will examine the intersection of Anglophone Caribbean literature with radio, television, and internet media platforms. How do text and electronic media shape each other? How do these intersecting media influence or change our understanding of literary performance? How do they impact concepts of author and audience, writer and reader?

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