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Call for Papers Special Forum in April 2017 Issue of Journal of West Indian Literature

“Troubling Gender: The Making of Women and Men in Indo-Caribbean Literature and Visual Culture”

This special forum within the April 2017 issue of the Journal of West Indian Literature will feature essays that explore constructions of gender in Indo-Caribbean literature and art. What are the ways in which Indo-Caribbean writers and visual artists of the twentieth- and twentieth-first century have represented the contours and limitations of masculinity and femininity in the context of post-indentureship plantation economies? What have been the imaginative wrestlings with normative understandings of the role of gender when it comes to citizenship, family life, education, activism, diaspora, building cross-racial solidarities, expressions of cultural identity and sexual identity, and writing itself? Essays that are attentive to the shifts in the treatment of such themes from the time of indentureship to now, to pre-1990s writing and to writers and artists from Suriname, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Barbados or other sites of the Indo-Caribbean diaspora are especially welcome. Full essays will be due by 15 January 2017 and should be 6000-7500 words in length. Submissions should be sent to