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Charles Carnegie’s Kingston essays in Public Opinion

Charles Carnegie, professor of anthropology at Bates College (Maine, USA), is publishing a series of essays on Kingston on the online magazine Public Opinion. An elegant amalgam of ethnographic observation, historical reflection, and critical advocacy, Professor Carnegie’s writing brings Kingston to life for far-away audiences, and reminds those closer to home of its wonders as well as its challenges, and what both say about the people who circulate through its streets and public spaces every day.

Kingston Vibes (publ. 5/18/2018)

Walk-Foot People Matter, Pt. 1 (publ. 5/31/2018)

Walk-Foot People Matter, Pt. 2 (publ. 6/14/2018)

Walking Kingston (publ. 6/28/2018)

Reclaiming Kingston, Reclaiming Self (publ. 7/13/2018)