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Faizal Deen’s Twitter residency on the legacies of George Lamming (July 25-Aug 1, 2022)

From July 25 to Emancipation Day, August 1, 2022, JWIL will be hosting a Twitter residency which will focus on the life and the enduring work of George Lamming (1927–2022). In June of 2021, JWIL (@jwilonline) hosted a Twitter residency curated by Faizal Deen (@faizalbynight) to mark Lamming’s 94th birthday. This year, Faizal curates another residency in the wake of Lamming’s passing. He will share tweets from last year’s residency as well as bring together and reflect on the numerous tributes and obituaries about Lamming that have been published since his passing in June 2022. Faizal will also curate a space for collective memory and reflection. We invite you all to send us your written celebrations, observances, commentaries and remembrances of Lamming or his work or both. These will be shared @jwilonline over the course of the week. You can send your reflections on Lamming at any time during the residency – via email to or DM us @jwilonline. Together, let us collectively remember the legacies and futures of Lamming’s iconic presence as both artist and activist.