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Jarrel De Matas’ Twitter residency on Caribbean sf (June 6-13, 2022)

Join us from June 6-13, 2022 when Jarrel De Matas will be taking over our Twitter feed. Jarrel will be tweeting about our Caribbean sf tradition (science fiction/speculative fiction/fantasy/folklore).  His Twitter residency will highlight some of the creative and intellectual ancestors of Caribbean sf. Over the week, he will shine light on writers such as Edgar Mittelholzer, Wilson Harris, Kamau Brathwaite, Derek Walcott, Suzanne Césaire, Sylvia Wynter, and Curdella Forbes – who he considers to be the initiators of our developing Caribbean sf tradition. He will provide excerpts of each writer’s work including interviews, as well as his own interpretive framework that can allow us to view our “old” creatives in new ways.
Jarrel De Matas is from Trinidad and Tobago. He holds an MA in English Literature from the University of the West Indies. He is a PhD candidate in English and a teaching associate of college writing at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. His main research interests are the confluence of Caribbean science fiction, speculative fiction, and posthuman studies. He is the producer of the podcast “The Caribbean Science Fiction Network.” Twitter handle: @caribbeansfnet.
Jarrel’s previous research in Caribbean studies can be found here: