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Jovanté Anderson’s Twitter Residency on Claude McKay’s poetry (Jan 23-30, 2023)

Join us for our first JWIL Twitter residency of 2023. From January 23-30, Jovanté Anderson (@KingstonJancro) will be tweeting @jwilonline about the poetry of Claude McKay. Anderson will invite us to meditate on the riotous intimacies in Claude McKay’s under-discussed second book of poetry, Constab Ballads, particularly its queer valences. Each day, we will do a close reading of one poem and we will also engage interesting secondary material from his life.
Jovanté Anderson is a PhD student in English at the University of Miami. His dissertation explores queer and trans literary and cultural production that provide a capacious critique of how discourses of neoliberal freedom are mobilized within postcolonial Jamaica. You can read Anderson’s discussion of the volume, Caribbean Literature in Transition, 1970–2020 in the latest issue of JWIL (Vol 31, No 1, November 2022).