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JWIL Vol 31 No 2 November 2022

Vol. 31, No. 1, November 2022

Edited by Ronald Cummings

Editorial Preface
Ronald Cummings

Critical Forum: Remembering George Lamming 

George Lamming and Caribbean Political Conscience
Aaron Kamugisha 

Remembering George Lamming: The Genealogy of the Human in the Arts of Freedom
Curdella Forbes

The Man on the Rattan Chair: George Lamming and the Making of Common Space
Honor Ford-Smith


From Indigenous Practice to Trope: Kanaima in the Literary Geography of the Guiana Shield
Amanda M. Smith 

Decolonial Fissures in Dominican Sugar-Cane Novels: Inclusive Narrative Spaces during the Early Trujillato
Arne Romanowski

“The monster [he has] become”: Fragility, Masculine Rage, and Resistance in Lindsay Barrett’s Lipskybound
Jason R. Marley

“Worrying the line”: Contemporary Anglophone Caribbean Prose Poetry
Kelsi Delaney 

Archiving the First Ten Years of the West Indian Literature Conference: Institutional Memory and West Indian Literary Celebration
Evelyn O’Callaghan 


“A labor of love”: An Interview with Evelyn O’Callaghan on the History of JWIL and on Teaching and Mentoring in the Field of West Indian Literature
Lisa Outar

Conversation and Tea with Maryse Condé
Kavita Ashana Singh

The Complexity of Community: Ecology, Science Fiction, and the Future of Literature—A Conversation with Tobias Buckell
D. A. Vivian

Book Reviews

“We Reach,” Now Where We Going Next? Caribbean Literary Studies and the Anthologizing Impulse
Patricia Joan Saunders

Evelyn O’Callaghan and Tim Watson, editors, Caribbean Literature in Transition, 1800–1920, vol. 1
Tracing the Transition: Literary Representations of Major Shifts and Aftermaths in Caribbean Literature
Rachel Northrop and Jordan Rogers

Raphael Dalleo and Curdella Forbes, editors, Caribbean Literature in Transition, 1920–1970, vol. 2
Looking beyond the Metropole: Revisioning Caribbean Literature in a Regional Context (1920–1970)
Sadé Gordon and Gabrielle Mary Jean-Louis

Ronald Cummings and Alison Donnell, editors, Caribbean Literature in Transition, 1970–2020, vol. 3
Reading against the Romance: Post-independence Caribbean Literature, 1970–2020
Jovanté Anderson

Hazel Simmons-McDonald, Shabine and Other Stories
Esther Phillips

Notes on Contributors

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